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Pros: Portable and lightweight, and can easily fit pockets or purses Has a lot of colors (and we mean a LOT of colors!). No cartridges to be bought or to be refilled. Only needs a dab of wax to work. Lifetime warranty on the batteries – no questions asked!. The manufacturer promises to match any price at the time of your purchase.
Cons: Cartridges get burned out if not loaded or cleaned correctly. Heating element sometimes gives off a burnt taste. The heating element smells like burning wire.

Cloud Vape Pen Review: The Many Faces of the Cloud Pen Vape

While most best vape pens are out having refillable cartridges, allowing users to refill waxes and oils inside their units for a long time use, the Cloud Pen is different. Some may even say that it feels like the Micro G Pen or the G-Pen itself – but most similarities end there. Unlike other pen vapes in the market available today, the Cloud Vaporizer Pen has a lot of new offerings for new vapers and experienced users. It is definitely not surprising that it placed 3rd for the Best Product of the Year in the 2013 High Times LA Cannabis Cup. And because of a lot of reasons that are kind of hard to elaborate, it’s quite easy to see why it won such title.

If you’re wondering what’s so special about the Cloud Vaporizer Pen, then read on.

The Cloud 2.0  in a Wide, Wide Variety of Colors

 cloudv2The Cloud 2.0 Vape Pen is perhaps one of those pen vaporizers that would make your eyes go wide once you see the available colors. The Cloud Classic will make both men and women vapers fall in love with their color offerings, and quite frankly, everything is very, very desirable.

They have the shiny Black Chrome, the Chrome and the Silver. They have the basic Black and White. For those who cannot get enough of some green, they have Lime Green, Green, Dark Green, Turquoise and Dark Turquoise. Yes, that is a total of five shades of green.

Blue lovers would probably like the Blue (although the Turquoise looks more like light blue). There’s Soft Pink, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Red and Pink for those who want a feminine touch. And who could ever forget about the most coveted Gold? Indeed, this is one of those vapes that could give you a headache just because you cannot decide on which color you would want to buy and to take home.

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The Minimalist Packaging

All Cloud vapes comes in a white box, which looks very minimalistic. It has the words CLOUD written on it. Think of the iPhone or the iPad packaging. It looks very clean, not too cluttered, and minimalistic. It doesn’t have the usual instructions or other elements on the box. Overall, it’s quite a head-turner since it’s just a box, with the word cloud, and a close-up of the vape that displays the middle part of the vaporizer.

What’s Inside the White Box?

 There isn’t really much inside the box. Upon opening, it has the Vaporizer, an information card, a box with the wall charger and the USB cable. The package isn’t really that much, and does not even have a detailed manual like other typical packages for pen vapes.

The information card simply tells you to charge it before using, how to use the unlock and lock safety feature of the device, and how long the battery holds for continuous use. It also indicates the Cloud’s safety feature that automatically deactivates the atomizer after being in use for 15 seconds of vaporization.

Size and Power

 The Cloud Pen stands at 4 inches long with a diameter of about 3/8 inches. It’s seriously portable, making it easy to put in your pocket and forget about it. It’s the size of a mobile phone’s longest side, except without the screen and the width. And although it is shorter than the average Sharpie pen, it’s still one of the coolest looking vaporizers in the market today. The smaller size of the Cloud lets users put it in their pockets, together with other stuff, without feeling too bulky.

Charging the battery from empty to full takes about 45 minutes. Don’t forget to remove it from the charger once it’s full. This is to ensure that you get the most out of your batteries, without any issues in the future and other problems that may arise from the battery.

A fully charged battery lasts around a full day or two for continuous usage. This is good news, especially for those who are commuting or always on the go. Just charge it at night, and use it all throughout the day – without the need to plugging it in for charging in the middle of the day.

The Cloud is said to vaporize at lower temperatures to give its users a smooth hit, but not as damaging as the high-temperature smoke does. There isn’t an exact temperature as to how hot the Cloud vaporizes essential oils, but it is definitely effective.

The high quality coil is said to have 30% more improved heating capacities, as opposed to traditional ones. The coil itself is wrapped around a fiber that stretches the length of its ceramic bowl, pretty much like the design of heating elements in the common e-cigarette atomizers nowadays.

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What is the Cloud Pen Vaporizer For?

 The Cloud Pen is meant to be used with essential oils, so don’t even attempt to try using dry blends or dry herbs with this one. Make sure that the concentrates you have also fully melt, because the coil will basically burn anything that comes into contact with. Dry blends are mostly to be used with portable vapes, but not vaporizer vapes.

Most users say that a fully packed bowl gives about 10 to 15 hits, so be prepared to carry around a jar of wax or a jar of some of your concentrates with you if you intend to use it for the whole day.

How do you put the Cloud Pen into action?

The pen can be disassembled into three parts: the mouthpiece, the cartridge, and the battery. Unlike other pen vapes, which can be refilled to up to 1g for use for the whole day, or maybe even the next day, the Cloud Pen is only focused on dabs. Basically, that means a small portion or chunk of wax or essential oils. So make sure that you have some spare oils with you when you are going out for the whole day or two.

Open up the Cloud Pen, take the cartridge and dab your waxes or put your oils into the cartridge. Place them all together, push the button down and inhale. It’s meant to give you clean and flavorful hits and draws each time, every time.

Using it is actually pretty easy. In fact, it’s as minimalistic as its enclosed information card. You can be sucking in vapor within minutes, because there’s nothing really much to set up.

If you get chunks of wax stuck on the inside of the metal bowl that doesn’t get fully melted by the heating element, take a hot dab tool and pack it down. You can also stir it, if needed. This will ensure better vaporization for your oils or concentrates.

The Manufacturing Build of the Cloud Pen

 The Cloud boasts of its materials, because it does not have any plastic parts – unlike other pen vaporizers or e-cigarettes. Most of its materials are made out of ceramic or metal. This ensures the purity and cleanness of the vapor and the hit.

The whole build of the Cloud feels quite good, actually. The size is just perfect when placed inside the hand. Just be careful about the parts being disassembled accidentally when inside your pocket, though this is unlikely because they fit snugly and just right.

But just in case, it might happen. Also, don’t drop it if you can. The exterior could actually get dented over time, so keep that in mind and remember to put your Cloud pen inside your purse or bag – and not to drop it on hard, concrete floor.

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Burning Out Cartridges

The cartridges burn out every once in a while – and even more often if you use it everyday for hours and hours. However, these cartridges are replaceable and are easily available for purchase on the Vape website. This is kind of disappointing, since it makes the vape look like it’s a ‘semi-disposable’ kind of pen vaporizer, since you always have to change the cartridges anyway.

The good thing about it, perhaps, is that replacing cartridges can be minimized by proper loading and cleaning of the Cloud Vape. Which brings us to the next section..

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Cloud Vape

 Always make sure that the cartridge is clean as much as possible. Make sure that waxes are fully melted by the coil. Wipe it, dab it, and do as much as you can to melt everything so that there won’t be any residues around the wick and the coil.

Remove the cartridge, and flip it over so that you can let the residue drip of naturally out of the cartridge. Use some Q-Tips to get into the walls, gently rubbing it to remove excess oils or waxes that may damage the cartridge.

The exterior can be cleaned and wiped by a soft cloth. It is kind of prone to fingerprints and scratches, because of its material, so if you want it to keep shiny and clean, just make sure that you take care of it properly.

What Not To Do To Prevent Burning Out Cartridges

While most users say that the cartridges burn out, it’s actually a result of something that they do, which is not really meant to be done.

The loading and cleaning of the cartridges are two of the most important parts of maintaining your Cloud Pen. In most cases where the cartridges need to be replaced, users mishandle their units when loading waxes or oils, and cleaning the bowl and the heating coil.

Do not pack the bowl too much. Over-packing it causes the cartridge not to have enough air. This results in a poor cartridge state, and may even possible ruin the wick and the heating coil. Just a little dab, about the size of a Tic-Tac, and you care ready to vape. Don’t try to cram as much oil or wax as you can inside that little metal bowl – it will clearly do you more harm than good.

Likewise, make sure to always check the heating element. When it gets too dry, the taste of your vapor has a little burnt aftertaste. Nobody wants a burnt-tasted vapor, so don’t push your unit too hard.

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Cloud Pen Vaporizer Warranty

cloud-v2-4_11The batteries have a lifetime warranty. That’s why should your battery fail, the company promises to replace it for a brand new one of the same color as your old one, without having to pay anything.

They apparently have great faith in their Lithium ion battery because it is of high quality and really durable. The company also claims that less than 2% of their clients got to use their lifetime warranty. This is pretty good, since it shows how durable and dependable the Cloud Vape can actually be.

Each Cloud 2.0 Vape is checked before being shipped out to its clients. This makes sure that the units that are delivered are always working 100% of the time.

However, if there is some kind of manufacturing defect, the company respects that they are indeed liable. Just bring over your pen to the manufacturer, and they would surely replace it.

Please take note that the cartridges are excluded from the warranty, unless, of course, you didn’t even turn it on the first time you used it. Used cartridges are not covered under the warranty.

Why You Would Probably Want a Cloud Pen

There are many reasons as to why you would consider a Cloud Pen. For one, it is VERY portable. It’s smaller 423x470xyellow_cloud_vape_pen.jpg.pagespeed.ic.B8FICv3jddthan your mobile phone, it does not feel flimsy, it can be operated and used easily (even without prior experience) and it heats up very, very quickly.

The bonus is that it comes in a whole rainbow of colors, which is pretty good news especially for those who really, badly want their vaporizers in their favorite colors.

It does not have any plastic parts, so the taste is really, really flavorful. It’s pretty cool, because you get to taste pure vapor without any cheap, plasticky taste.

Another great thing about this is that the Cloud Pen lets you actually see how your wax gets heated. There are no cartridges to buy or to fill up, but it has this metal bowl that houses your waxes just before it gets heated right then and there with the heating coil.

Oh and did we mention that it’s only 4 inches long? It’s so small and portable that you can put it in your pocket and totally forget about it. But don’t ever do that.

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Why You Would Probably Not Want a Cloud Pen

 The Cloud pen has its flaws, naturally. The heating element is made out of nickel or chrome, or some kind of iron alloy. It makes the coil burn red really quickly. Although it smells like hot, burning wire when you press that button, the burnt flavor kind of went away.

m_518171_Gu0BUDkxRfkpLikewise, the heating element is positioned merely an inch away from the mouthpiece. What does this mean for users? Hot vapor. Really hot vapor. If you’re not too used to smoking hot vapor right out of vaporizers, then you might want to try this out first before actually jumping right it and buying it outright.

Puffing on the Cloud Pen is not like drawing on other vaporizers. It’s like drawing and puffing from a really tightly rolled joint, so it might be kind of hard to actually draw in the flavor and the vapor in – especially for beginners. But practice always makes it perfect.

Some also expressed disappointment at the small heating chamber, which only lets you to dab about a Tic-tac sized wax. This means more refilling, and that you have to bring spare wax or oils with you if you intend to use it for the whole day. A little price to pay for this little vaporizer that really produces good vapor.


  • Portable and lightweight, and can easily fit pockets or purses
  • Has a lot of colors (and we mean a LOT of colors!)
  • No cartridges to be bought or to be refilled
  • Only needs a dab of wax to work
  • Lifetime warranty on the batteries – no questions asked!
  • The manufacturer promises to match any price at the time of your purchaseCloud-Pen-Turquoise
  • Award winning pen vaporizer, awarded by the High Times Magazine
  • Clean and minimalistic packaging
  • Can be charged in under an hour
  • Fully charged battery can be used for 1 to 2 days
  • Can be locked and unlocked by pressing the button 3 times rapidly
  • Automatically shuts off after 15 seconds of continuous production of vapor


  • Cartridges get burned out if not loaded or cleaned correctly
  • Heating element sometimes gives off a burnt taste
  • The heating element smells like burning wire
  • May be hard to puff or draw for first-timers
  • The short distance of the heating element from the mouthpiece tends to give off vapor that is too hot, which is not too pleasant for those who are not used to very hot vapor

Use With:

  • Compatible with wax oils
  • Designed for use with solid concentrates

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